Isaac Pastor-Chermak

Isaac Pastor-Chermak is a cellist, conductor, and teacher. Educated at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Idaho, he performs and conducts a repertoire spanning 500 years on instruments ranging from baroque cello, violoncello piccolo and viola da gamba to the most experimental electronic instruments.

Based in Northern California, Pastor-Chermak currently performs with the New World Symphony (Miami), the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, the Dayton Philharmonic (Ohio), the Monterey Symphony (California) and the West Virginia Symphony (Charleston), in addition to summer performances at the Eisenstadt Classical Music Festival in Austria. In May 2015, he will join the Colorado MahlerFest orchestra.

In addition to his duties as an orchestral cellist, Pastor-Chermak maintains a vigorous schedule of solo, chamber music, conducting and teaching engagements throughout the United States and abroad. His students regularly take top prizes in regional competitions. Pastor-Chermak is on the faculty of the Young Artists Conservatory in Vacaville, CA, where he teaches cello lessons and is developing a youth orchestra program to debut in Spring 2015.

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Photo: Mary Cornelison Photography